Excellent cabins

We have 36 cabins that are mainly licensed for 1 or 2 cats, sharing from the same family with 2 cabins licensed for 3 or 4 cats from the same family. Bedding, feed and water on a shelf level with litter tray and toys on the floor.
Each cabin has a window and a gas centrally heated radiator. The whole cattery is well insulated so that during the winter your cats will be as warm as toast and in the summer it is cool enough for comfort, with an air flow through the whole building.
Access to the cabins is through our preparation area via a 3 stage bolted doors, so there isn’t any danger of a cat slipping out.
We are a cat only boarding establishment so there is no stress from barking dogs.
We believe that keeping the cattery in a clean and well maintained condition is essential for the wellbeing of the cats. The cabins are cleaned daily and throughly cleaned at the end of the cats stay ready for the next guest.